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With nearly 10 years of online marketing experience, we introduce our ingenuity and strategy to create responsive websites that get call-to-actions from your visitors, secure targeted customers, and help your business generate more revenue from the Internet. Will Yours Be Next?

Want To Bring Your Business Online But Don’t Know How? Struggling To Get Visitors? Or Website Just Plain Sucks?

There are more than 645,136 SMEs and close to 5 million businesses registered in Malaysia. And yet 70% of the SMEs in Malaysia do not have a website!

If you thought the statistics are shocking, get this: of those companies with websites, more than 90% of them are doing it wrong!


The longer you don’t have a website, the more leads and revenue you are leaving on the table.

And even if you already have a website, is it functional? Are you already getting the qualified leads you’re looking for?

(By the way, having a FaceBook page does NOT count as a website!)

This Is Where We Come In.

Here’s the truth that most website design ‘experts’ are not telling you about: you DON’T need to have a beautiful website. You may own the best designed website in the world but if you are not able to get visitors let alone make them commit to a purchase or an appointment with you, your website is just another one in the millions begging for attention.

Our years of experience have taught us not to strive for vanity but strive for results. And that is exactly what we bring to your business.

Our core skills and expertise include the following:

  • Internet Marketing Consulting for Businesses and SMEs
  • Direct Response Copywriting
  • Sales Video Creation
  • Email Marketing
  • Sales Funnel Creation and Planning
  • Digital Product Creation
  • Talks, Seminars and Workshops

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